Thursday, December 6, 2007

to my cousin

so my cousin rings me. this is what she basically says, in like literally one minute, just dribbles all this shit out. nut case.
Cuuuuuuuuuuzzz.... good news i didn't tell you over the phone but I AM NEVER TOUCHING A REEFER AGAIN. i had this huge revolution while i was on the toilet and flushed my stash down the toilet. i mean what was i thinking i don't need that shit i am fuckin hyped enough as it is. as for you lil missy what is this with you and eddie aye hahaha.. well dude i have nothing to say (after all i am the one who cheated on my boyfriend here) but i just stick to my good ol saying that everything happens for a reason. and you did nothing wrong youare just enjoying your youth while you still can. well good luck for your license i get mine a day before yours i think that is pretty cool don't you? i guess i said everything to you over my stupid alien transmitting phone hahaha!! dude you sounded so funny when you just woke up hahaha man you crack me up. soo my fren that news you told me about christina is pretty out there (hahaha... you thought you were the only one who knew , well i guess she didn't expect me to remember the whole bi thing considering the state i was in) . i can not wait to talk again!! and it sux i won't see you in bris but we'll talk for sure!!


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