Thursday, December 6, 2007

punching people

HARDCORE. i always punch people (mostly guys) when im pissed.. its a bit of fun.. i think its funny that you called her ugly.. bah.. good work.. that guy is a fucking bastard for using chantay.. fuck him.. go beat the shit out of him stacy.. i would.. if i had a sis.. or even for your sis i would.. no one deserves that (im such a FUCKING hypocrite.. slap me nowwwww) "some people are so dumb." fuck yes.. dont get me started. i miss hervey bay.. i really do.. i hate this place.. im bored and lonely. im trying to lose weight again.. i fucking suck i really do.. my knee is sca-rewed (i think ive said that) but it really really is. anyway.. nothing much to report on.. oh wait.. im going to be a learn to swim teacher for little kiddies.. so bring your babies to me and i will make them star swimmers (if they want to be hah) or i can just teach them to swim like normal people :)


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