Thursday, December 6, 2007


dont worry about driving - its a pain in the ass anyway.. but i would bribe the authorities just to see if it worked hey.. ive been talking to mikayla she seems to have turned into a bit of a party girl.. no? it seems like it - best friends with everyone - not that theres anything wrong with that - i want to be a party girl lol. havent seen or heard from nina.. no biggie.. hah dont feel bad for saying shit about nina.. so friday night hey.. are you going out.. please say yes.... pleaseee just dont go too hard out. and where did you say christina lives.. cos i live in sandgate so if shes nearby i could come over (if that doesnt piss anyone off) or we could do something or whatever.. or maybe you and christina just want to hang out and thats totally fine.. im getting too excited here..


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